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What Does Moving Insurance Cover And Should I Get It?

Moving is an exciting time. You may be leaving one thing behind to start something new. Or, perhaps you are finally coming home to your family. In any case, the process of moving itself can be overwhelming. You’ll need to choose what you are taking with you, find movers, pack, complete the move, and unpack. If you are wondering whether or not you should opt for the extra protection of moving insurance, here are a few questions to help you decide.

Do You Have Expensive Items? If you have items that are expensive, it is always good to have extra protection. While a moving company is responsible for items damaged in transit, they may not pay for the entire cost of the item. Be sure to keep a list of what expensive are in what boxes. It might be helpful to put all your expensive items in a plastic tote instead of a cardboard box. Be sure to keep a list of your expensive items and the value of these items. You want to be sure your valued items all arrive and arrive in one piece.

Who Are You Hiring? If you are hiring cheap movers, you may want to have the added benefit of moving insurance. You should always ask potential moving companies about their coverage policy in case of damage and any insurance that they offer. If you are hiring a reputable moving company with a solid service guarantee, you can be a bit less worried about getting moving insurance. For instance, many people trust Attention To Detail Moving Company for their impeccable record and transparent operating policy that discusses damage- which you can read on their website.

What Does Moving Insurance Cover? The coverage provided by moving insurance depends on the insurance policy itself. Many moving companies in Los Angeles have their own insurance plans that you have the option of purchasing. You should check this policy carefully to make sure that you know what you and the company will be liable for in case of damage. You also have the option of a third-party insurance plan, which you can find through your homeowners insurance.

What Happens if My Items Are Damages? Be sure to take pictures and let the moving company know right away. Sometime during a move, walls might get damaged, or furniture might break. Surveying the home before and after a moving company has come through is important. Most reputable moving companies will fix or replace damaged items. Something as simple as a whole in the wall can be patched, but something broken china cant.

Moving insurance is extra protection for your items. Depending on what you own and the movers you hire, insurance is protection that you may or may not choose to accept. Moving companies will offer you insurance, be sure to talk with them and see what is cover and what is not.

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