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Tips on How to Choose the Right Rustic Vanity Lights

A bathroom is a primary spot where you do precision tasks like shaving and applying makeup. Therefore, you need to ensure you have installed ample vanity lights. One thing you want to ensure when revamping the feel and look of your bathroom is the lighting. You need to ensure you install lights that you need for every day bathroom activities. A mixture of light fixtures to minimize chances of shadows will be a nice thing to do. Whether you are remodeling your bath or just changing the lighting fixtures, you would want to consider rustic vanity lights. Here are some tips to help you choose the right vanity lights:

Types of vanity lights

Among the top choices for vanity lighting in your bathroom are the wall fixtures and light bars. The good thing about these fixtures is that they will help reduce shadows and save space. Vanity light bars are designed to allow shadow reduction, something that helps when you are applying makeup and shaving. You are able to shave and apply the makeup with more precision. These lights can be mounted horizontally just about the mirror or you could install them on the left side and right side of the mirror. They come in different styles including downturned cups, upturned cups, and globes.

With the wall lights, they include sconces and brackets, and these are ideal if you want to complement overhead lights or accentuate them. In addition to that, the wall lights can reduce shadows and add a decorative flair.

The light bulbs to install

There are various options of light bulbs you can install in your bathroom. Halogen bulbs last longer and give more light. You may also install compact fluorescent bulbs and dimmers if you want to conserve energy and set up the bathroom mood. The good thing about dimmers is that they provide a soothing ambient light to allow you relax in the tub while also illuminating your face in the bathroom mirror.

Customize the lighting

When you install bathroom vanity lights, you may want to customize them to align with your preferences.  People are different and what may impress you in terms of lighting may not do so to another person. Based on your preferences, you want to create a space that makes you happy and creates the right mood. You also want to improve the functionality of the space by ensuring that the lighting allows you to do your bathroom activities properly.

You do want to have shadows created in the bathroom because it will make it difficult for you to shave or apply your makeup. Again, you do not want to have light fixtures that create crisp, pure white glow. This is something you want to put off when fitting the bathroom light fixtures. Again, you need to ensure that the fixtures can withstand high moisture content often found in bathrooms.

Fitting the right kind of rustic vanity lights in your bathroom will not only enhance style, but also add useful task lighting to make sure you don’t look a hot mess when you leave the house.

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