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Three Reasons to Consider Park Home Living


One of the growing property trends in recent years is undoubtedly park home living. In fact, it is thought that over 250,000 people live in park home communities in the UK alone.

So, why are so many people swapping the more traditional bricks and mortar for the park home way of life? Well, here are three good reasons why.

Cheaper Than Traditional Homes

The first and most important thing to all of us is cost. Every year we see rent and house prices rise in the UK, making it increasingly difficult to keep elevated on the property ladder.

Contrastingly, park homes have stayed at a very reasonable rate. We spoke to park home price experts Sell My Park Home who told us, “One of the main reasons the popularity of park homes has jumped up so dramatically is because of the ever increasing prices of traditional housing.”

“It also has to be said that conditions and standards of park homes have improved immensely. This means that despite the fact that their price has remained relatively low, you are getting a much better standard of home than you would have ten or so years ago.”

There are also other financial benefits to park home living like lower council tax payments. All park homes come under band A, the lowest band of council tax.

This is particularly helpful for people who might be on a lower income, for example, if you are retired and have taken your pension.

You can learn more about the council tax bands by heading over to gov.uk

Safe and Secure

Whether you live alone or have a family, home safety is something that plays on everybody’s mind.

Park home living has developed a reputation as being one of the safest and secure forms of living in the UK.

Most park sites exist a decent distance from town or city centres, so there is a lot less footfall for starters. Secondly, park sites generally have very good security features, including a site gate, CCTV and potentially a 24-hour guard.

You can read more about the security developments of park homes over the last few years by taking a look at this article from the BBC back in 2013.

Higher Quality Than You’d Think

As briefly mentioned in the first point, the quality of park homes has really improved in recent years. Once the term for an upscale caravan, park homes have grown into a standard of their own.

Take the time to head to any number of park home viewings and you’ll soon notice all of the modern fittings you’d find in a contemporary bricks and mortar home, without the restraints or facilities they might have previously struggled with.

You may well begin to realise that many park homes are actually more modern than the traditional home, with an increasing number becoming at least partly self-sufficient.

Things like solar panels and small wind turbines are becoming increasingly common fixtures on park homes, making life much cheaper and affordable the longer you live there.

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