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The Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Myths: Debunked

Thanks to a plethora of interior design shows on TV over the past decade, everyone thinks they have a good handle on what makes a decent bathroom renovation. Shows like ‘Flip My House’ and ‘Decked Out’ have distorted people’s perceptions of renovation work. Here are five common bathroom renovation myths debunked. Which have you fallen for?
Myth #1: Every Renovation Starts with Gutting
Many remodeling shows make a big song and dance about gutting a room prior to renovation. Watching a trained builder swing a sledgehammer makes for great viewing but isn’t actually necessary. There are many ways to use existing features and materials without removing and replacing them. Through a combination of cleaning, resurfacing and refinishing, you can make tiling, bathtubs and windows look new for a fraction of the cost of installing new items.
Myth #2: Bathroom Renovations Add Their Cost to Your Homes’ Value
The success of a bathroom renovation cannot solely be measured by whether it adds what it cost to your home’s value. The truth is that only extremely well planned renovations increase property value by more than they cost. If adding value to your home isn’t a priority that’s fine, but many homeowners spend too liberally in the mistaken belief that anything they spend is ‘an investment.’ You can ‘overbuild’ for your neighborhood or condominium. For instance, if your condominium is one of many $300,000 units in a tower, spending $20,000 remodeling the bathroom isn’t going to add a consummate amount to your property.
Myth #3: Completing Work Yourself Saves Money
As to whether completing work yourself saves you money depends on what you do and how you do it. When remodeling, it can be tempting to remove or install certain items or materials yourself. Bear in mind that performing work without a permit will leave you uninsured. You likely know that you cannot perform electrical or plumbing work without a permit. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover accidents or remodeling-related damage.
Myth #4: Materials Are More Important Than the Contractor
Homeowners who pour over materials, fixtures and appliances for their bathroom rarely do the same due diligence for their contractor. Arguably, hiring the right contractor, like Gaithersburg roofing, is as important as materials selection. Use online review sites such as Angie’s List as a starting point but remember that these sites take advertising revenue from the same companies who are being reviewed. There is a clear conflict of interest here but the sites are a helpful first step in terms of looking for established bathroom remodeling firms in your area.
Myth #5: Less Is More
If you are working with a small space, it is definitely unwise to squeeze in a full-size toilet, sink and shower thus making the room seem cramped and crowded. However, this can lead people to believe that less is more. For instance, owners of very small bathrooms may go for a European-style ‘wet room’ with no defined shower area. There are always solutions for limited space such as in-wall cisterns, slim profile sinks or compact shower stalls.
Which of these five myths did you believe? Which other myths have you come across? Let us know and leave us a question or comment below!

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