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Taking a Look at the Unique Attributes of Lebanon

Whether you are seeking a place to live in Lebanon or are looking at properties for investment purposes, the country offers you much in the way of attractions and activities. Also known officially as the Lebanese Republic, Lebanon is bordered by Israel on the southwest and Syria to the north and east. Currently, 4.5 million people live in the country whose capital is Beirut. Located on the continent of Asia, the country’s main language is Arabic. However, the Lebanese are tri-lingual as they can also speak English and French.


A Service-Oriented Economy

Lying in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is defined by mountains and valleys. The primary agricultural area is the Bekka Valley while the Lebanon Mountains span across the country’s western coast. The country is service-oriented and draws support economically from its banks and the tourist trade. In fact, the country is the base for over 100 banks.

If you like to shop, you won’t be disappointed if you visit the capital of Beirut as it is the tenth most popular shopping destination in the world. The city is also home to the number one nightclub in the world, the Sky Bar. Lebanon supports 42 universities and 40 daily newspapers as well. In fact, the country produces approximately 70% of the publications in this part of the world. Healthcare is also easily accessible as there is one doctor available for every ten people. In America and Europe, one doctor is in practice for every 100 people.

A Hubbub of Activity

The motivation to obtain real estate in Lebanon is great as its climate and attractions make it a beautiful hubbub of activity. For example, in the springtime, you can swim in the sea or ski in the mountains on the same day. Often, investors seeking real estate look at Beirut, which offers a fashionable and culturally diverse atmosphere to visitors and locals alike. The Lebanese lifestyle is considered relaxed but, again, it is in no way lazy.

Home Rentals

Family Life

Most city families are small and average about two children in their household. The children usually live with their parents until they are married. Family is important as many businesses are family-owned and operated. In the rural areas, families are much larger. Sometimes as many as ten children are helping on a farm.

In Lebanon’s cities, Western-style fashions are the norm and the women are extremely style-conscious. Traditionally-styled clothing is worn in Lebanese villages. Long dresses are worn by women and men wear black jackets and pants.

The Main Meal of the Day

Anyone who moves to Lebanon to live or invest in property will find that lunch is the main meal of the day. Almost all the meals are eaten with bread, which is either featured in the form of khub (unleavened bread) or marqouq, which is a paper-thin type of bread. Just like other parts of the Middle East, mezze is popular. Mezze consists of any type of food that is served in smaller portions. Therefore, an entire meal can be made up of mezze. The country’s national dish is kibbeh, which is made of bulghur and lamb or beef.

Just like the food, the Lebanese real estate is worth sampling. There is always a property that captures a buyer’s attention

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