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Quick Fixes for Your New Home: Top Tips to Read

Shifting into a new house is exciting- there are endless organizational ideas and decorating possibilities to explore. But before you shift, you need to ensure that your new house is ready to live in!

While changing the locks on doors and windows, and changing alarm codes is important, you can’t forget to complete all maintenance tasks before shifting. If you’ve got a lot of work on your hands but don’t have all the time in the world to get things done, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some quick fixes that will help you solve common problems around the house.

Problematic Doors

Doors are bound to come out of alignment by shifting with time and age. Luckily, you can fix sticking or sagging doors quite easily!

Doors that are subjected to humidity can swell near the edges, causing them to get stuck. Residue build-up can also have the same effect. Use a kitchen scrubber dampened with a little water and mild soap to scrub the edges of the door. Wipe clean the edges and use a paper towel to absorb excess moisture.

Use a hair dryer to dry out the wood completely. As a preventative measure, coat the door with a wood sealer once dry.

Further, check the hinges and make sure that all the screws are in place. Loose hinges can cause the door to sag so tighten any loose screws with a screwdriver.

Squeaky doors are another common problem and all you need to do is clean the hinges with a dry brush to get rid of dirt. If this doesn’t solve the problem, use mineral oil or petroleum jelly on the hinges. You can also spray some WD-40 onto the hinges. If you don’t want to spend money on the lubricant, order online freebies; WD-40 will prove to be useful for several purposes!

Stuck Locks

If you end up with a lock that gets stuck every time you put the key in, you don’t necessarily have to change it. Just rub a lead or graphite pencil on the key that fits. Stick the key in the lock and try working it by moving the key back and forth.

Be sure to rub the pencil on all areas of the key including the edges and grooves. If the key doesn’t work, repeat the procedure. Do give lead or graphite pencils a try before you reach for lubricating oil; lead and graphite act as dry lubricants while oil can make matters worse by mixing with the dirt lodged in there.


Mold can be tough to get rid of once you move your furniture and other belongings. So if you spot mold on the walls or behind cupboards, eliminate it right away. Do check the basement, bathrooms, the kitchen sink, and tile grout carefully for signs of mold infestation.

Keeping humidity levels under control and letting in fresh air and sunlight can help stop mold growth considerably. You can also eliminate mold by cleaning surfaces with a vinegar-water mixture. Spraying this mixture on walls can also help control the growth of mold.

There are several other household ingredients that can help you get rid of mold. However, if there is a serious mold infestation in your new house, do call in the experts.

Nail Holes

Nail holes can make walls look ugly and if your new house has them in the wrong places, you only need to buy some wall putty to solve the problem. Push the putty into the hole with a knife or your index finger. Keep a damp rag cloth handy to wipe away the excess.

If the walls are white, you won’t have to do anything else. Otherwise, you might want to consider painting the house before you move in. It’ll certainly be easy with no furniture in the way!

If you’re not going to be painting your house for the time being, you can use wall paper or wall decals to cover unsightly patches.

Squeaky Floors

If squeaky floors and stairs bother you, the first thing to do is find the source of the squeaks. Floor squeaks can be caused by ductwork, piping, nails rubbing against wood, gaps between the joist and the sub-floor, and other reasons.

Simply sprinkling talcum powder on hardwood floors can stop squeaking, but depending on the problem, you might have to put in some extra effort.


Moving into your new house without taking a look at the hitches can make the transition difficult. Unpacking belongings and organizing everything is stressful in itself and you don’t want the added stress of dealing with problems that could have been solved easily beforehand.

With the tips given here, you now know some quick fixes for common problems around the house. So don’t wait until you shift into your new house; check for problems right away and solve them so you don’t have extra worries once you move!

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