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Protecting Your Home from Intruders

It is a sad fact of life that burglaries will happen. Whether it has happened to you or someone you know, burglaries and home break-ins are a hazard that goes with the territory in highly urbanised areas. Certain suburbs are more prone to this sort of petty criminal activity than others, but everyone is at risk, regardless of where they live.


Homeowners and even business owners attempt all sorts of ways of deterring would-be intrudersand keeping them out. Alarms are common, and can certainly provide a good way of deterring intruders once they have breached physical barriers, but they do not necessarily prevent any property destruction nor thieves who are quick on their feet and able to grab what they need and run. Security cameras are also a great idea, but they only really provide a way for activities to be recorded and used as evidence for Police action. By the time the footage is reviewed, the thieves have already done the damage to the person or family and their home.

The Ultimate in Physical Security

Despite cameras and alarm systems being great at what they do, they are only part of what should be a hybrid security system. The fact remains that one of the most effective ways of keeping out would-be thieves and intruders is to physically prevent them from successfully entering.

Homeowners and businesses alike often invest in security grilles and screens that are either ineffective at repelling heavy attacks, or simply look ugly because they are heavy duty. What is required is a middle ground security screen that can be custom fitted to any size door frame or window frame. Fortunately, a solution exists in the form of affordable, strong and resistant Mandurah security doors.


When a burglar tries to penetrate an Invisi-Guard security screen they face a tough decision: should they take the time to try and break through the strong mesh, or should they simply get up and leave knowing that the time it might take could mean being caught red handed in the act? When combined with other passive security devices, a security screen provides an effective first defence against intrusion. Consider the following benefits:

  • Custom made: Unlike the run of the mill security screens that can be purchased from hardware stores, Invisi-Guard security screens are custom made and fitted to window frame and door frames. They also come in a wide range of colours, which is great news for the homeowner looking to have their new security screens blend in with the rest of the home.
  • Secure: Because the unique mesh screens do not use screws to fit securely into the frame, there is nothing for a would-be intruder to take apart with tools.
  • Tough: The unique mesh screens are constructed to absorb blunt force and penetrative attacks. The unique construction absorbs the kinetic force and then isolates it without adding breaking strain to the rest of the frame. This is bad for criminals but great for homeowners and businesses!

A Multi-Pronged Solution

In today’s urban environment where petty crime is common, it is important to incorporate a hybrid security solution tailored to the building or asset. Even though alarms and cameras are important, the first choice should always be tough and durable security screens that can be custom fitted to any door or window.

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