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Proper Maintenance deemed Imperative for Proper Working of Water Heater

Water heaters have been appliances of great necessity. However, proper maintenance could assist your water heater to make it cater you with hassle free service for a number of years. Few basic maintenance measures would be all that you would be required for saving significant money on water heater replacement or repair.

Proper Working of Water Heater

Signs to look for servicing of the heater

In case, the water coming out of your heater encompasses bad odour, sediments or odd colour, it has been an apparent indication that cleaning would be necessary. Reducing the efficiency of heater has also been a significant sign that it has been time for proper maintenance check up. The water heater could cause your utility bills to rise provided it has not been maintained properly. The anode rod has been one of the most imperative aspects of the water heater. The presence of orange coloured water under the rod has been an apparent sign that it requires replacement.

Proper Working of Water Heater1

Common problems associated with water heater and their solutions

Building up of minerals and sediments has often been the major cause of water heater problems. The sediments gathered at the bottom of the water heater could be cleaned easily using a brush along with garden hose. You could simply scrub the sediments and flush them away with the help of the hose. Frequent cleaning would be required provided the sediments build up quickly because of hard water in your area. Flushing the water through heater every few months would keep it clean.

Proper Working of Water Heater2

Corrosion of anode rod has yet been another common problem in relatively old water heaters. It would be advisable to check the rod every few months for any available signs of corrosion. You should replace it as and when required. Bacteria could cause bad odour in the water heater. This could be very easily taken care of with the help of bleach. You would be required to add bleach to the tank of water heater already filled with water and let it remain like that for some time for getting rid of the unwanted bacteria. However, this could also be followed with the help of routine flushing.

Proper Working of Water Heater3

In case, the water heater has been providing excessively cold or hot water, you might be able to solve this problem making few adjustments to the thermostat. Leakages could cause significant damage as well. It would be best to take the assistance of professional plumber for identifying the source of the leakage along with fixing it at the earliest. One good option would be gnrcorbus.com.


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