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Methods You Can Use To Unlock an Accidentally Locked Bathroom Door

A locked bathroom door is not an uncommon situation in most of the households with small children. Your child while playing around might accidentally engage the locking or privacy mechanism of the bathroom door and close the door, thereby locking the door.

Scenarios of Locked Bathroom Doors:

There can be two kinds of scenarios of locked bathroom doors. In one case, the door gets accidentally locked and there is nobody inside to unlock it. This makes the bathroom completely inaccessible from outside and everybody might have to make do with the only other spare bathroom in the house. Although in general situations this cannot be deemed as an emergency but just imagine a scene when your house is full of party guests and your main bathroom cannot be used. This can be quite an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for you.

The other kind of scenario can however be considered as an emergency. If the door is locked with an elderly person or a young child inside, then it is matter of grave concern. They are either unable to unlock it from inside or the mechanism doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. For this immediate action is needed. You can either call up a licensed locksmith or try to unlock on your own.

Different Lock Designs and Methods to Unlock: There are two most common types of bathroom locks and each can be opened by using different household items.

Bathroom lock that can be opened with a coin: These are the most common types of bathroom locks. The handle has a slot on top and turning the slot towards the left or right will disengage the lock. You can use a coin to move the lock. Simply insert a coin of the right size into the slot and turn towards the left or right side. These are easiest and fastest opening mechanism for bathroom doors.

Bathroom locks that have a poke hole in the handle: This lock is slightly more difficult to disengage. You would find a small hole on the top of the handle or on the decorative trim. You would have to insert the tool that that was part of the lock set to unlock it. However, in most of the households that tool has long been lost. The difficult part then is to find an object of the right diameter, length and strength that can be inserted into the hole.

It is advised that you keep some of the things that can be used to unlock a bathroom door, handy. A coin for the slot locks can be easily located but finding the correct object for the poke-hole lock might be difficult. You can use things like a straightened coat hanger or a tool from your Allen wrench set. It is important that the object you choose to unlock this door is of a slightly smaller diameter than the hole, long enough to disengage the lock and strong enough to handle the force.

In case, either of these methods cannot open the lock, it is an indication of malfunctioning of the lock. In that case, contact a locksmith company and they will come and open the door for you.

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