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How to Use Texture in Interior Design

A lot of DIY interior designers focus on picking out the colours before anything else. While picking matching colours is important in interior design, it’s only a fraction of the process. In fact, textures are equally important. You could have four walls with each one coloured differently but without textures, you wouldn’t get the desired effect. There are several ways to use texture in interior design and you should know how the professionals use textures to create interesting and unique designs that stand out.

What Is Texture?

When you run your hand along a piece of wood or a velvet couch, you can feel the ridges, grains, and flat spots. When you look at something you’ve touched before, your brain can imagine what it feels like to touch it. So when you see a textured wall, you’ll know what it feels like before you touch it.

People like to touch textured material because the sensation is more interesting. Flat walls aren’t as appealing to the brain because touching something that is flat isn’t as interesting as touching something with texture. This is why interior designers use textures in their designs. If you don’t use textures, your walls, floors, and ceiling might feel too flat. While people don’t always notice textures, they might notice the absence of textures more.

How to Create Texture

There are several different ways to create texture. There are special texturing paints that you can apply to walls, ceilings, and even floors. This type of paint is very common and painters use it all the time. There are different levels of texture as well. The walls in your home probably have a subtle texture to them. You can find out how much texture your walls have by holding a blank sheet of paper next to the wall. Paper has a very minimal texture so when you hold it next to your wall, you’ll probably notice small bumps and indents on the wall.

However, people have gotten used to minimal texturing and even minimal texturing can become boring. There are companies that specialise in making bold wall textures that you can apply to any wall. These are called 3D walls because they are so textured that they create an illusion of depth. These wall textures can come in all different kinds of colours and patterns.

3D walls are perfect for any design style. They come in stone, concrete, fabric, and geometric patterns so that you can help your walls come alive. You should look for 3D wall panels online because online retailers will have the widest variety of textures to choose from.

Applying these panels is easy. They are lightweight but extremely detailed. You can apply them with a non-toxic adhesive and you can even get them made to fit any wall’s exact size. Using these panels is much easier than using a textured paint because there is no mess and no chance of making a mistake. 3D walls are the perfect way to add texture to any room and you can find the perfect pattern to complement your design style when you shop for them online.


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