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How to Keep Your Pond Clean

A pond in your garden is a simple pleasure. A quality pond is a place where you can relax with your friends and family. It provides the kind of place where you can gather with others. Also, it attracts birds and small animals. The birds and small animals that come around your pond are a great addition to your garden and they also help to pollinate your flowers. If you have vegetables, fruit trees, or flowers, you need some way to pollinate your plants. Birds and small animals help with that pollination. However, a pond that is not properly maintained can be an eyesore and a problem for your garden.


When a pond is not properly maintained, it tends to grow mould and mildew. Mould and mildew are not only ugly, but they are also smelly. That smell comes from anaerobic fermentation in the pond. That happens when things rot in your pond. You can avoid this kind of rotting and mildewing with some easy steps.

Proper Tools

First, you need to buy the proper tools for your pond. A good pond supplier can help you out. Water Garden pond filters supplier is known for their wide range of effective solutions. A pond filter helps you by pumping the water through the filter that screens out the solid matter, such as leaves and branches that have fallen into the pond. These pieces of debris fall into the water and begin to break down. A pond filter will filter out that solid matter, which helps to reduce the amount of mildewing that takes place in your pond.


Proper Maintenance

In addition to buying the proper tools, you need to make sure you are maintaining your pond properly. Maintaining your pond properly involves keeping your pond clean. If you can, you should reduce the amount of tree branches hanging over your pond. That will reduce the amount of leaves that fall into the pond. Also, you should make sure you do everything you can to keep your pond clear of debris. Every day or every few days, you should remove any leaves that are floating on the top of the pond. Those leaves will eventually sink to the bottom of the pond and begin decaying.

Also, injecting air into your pond is actually very important. Paradoxically, oxygen is incredibly important to the quality of the water in your pond. Many people think that fish breathe water, but they actually breathe air. They breathe air that is suspended in the water. Also, aerobic fermentation, decay that occurs in the presence of air, is the type of fermentation that is not smelly. This is the way a well-maintained compost pile decays. So, injecting air into your pond keeps it from smelling bad and also keeps your fish happy and healthy. You can inject air with a fountain pump, which is a pump that sprays water into the air. You can also inject oxygen by just pumping and filtering the water.

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