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How To Find That Perfect Patio Glass Door

For most people, doors are just essential portions of a house. In patios, doors are more than a point of entry. They are supposed to be design elements that are bound by architectural principles. Here you can find various options for your doors and it is hoped that upon reading this article, you can find better home improvement solutions for your patio which can maximize the outdoor advantage and fuse it with the comfort of the inside of your house.

Kinds of Doors

  • French Doors – Based on architecture experts, these are imbued with elegance and have the ability to establish connection between the elements outside and inside your home. However, you can only opt for this if you have enough space. Consider furniture placement that do not block the entrance. You can choose between an indoor and outdoor swing. The outdoor French entries may not affect furniture arrangement but will be down in screening considerations. These can be perfect where bugs and insects do not lurk in groups as they can easily enter once out-swing doors are opened.
  • Sliding Door – In modern patio design, sliding doors have earned much popularity. This is made out of two glass panels which are frame and meant to slide. Architects consider these as traditional and contemporary in one. If you opt for these entries, expect that the opening will be wide because about 8-10 feet openings can be made available aside from the standard 5-6 feet. Frame size is an important consideration when selecting doors that slide. Frame size depends on the materials used. You might reconsider the thickness of vinyl, aluminum and metal frames. These doors are cheaper than French doors considering the mechanisms and operation involved.
  • Telescoping sliding door – Like the traditional sliding door, this kind would involve more than two panels that slide. The modern look from this style emanates from the ability of the doors to provide unobstructed entrance at staggered configuration. You can actually manipulate the openings either from the sides or from the center. The track from these can be wide. Considering the existence of screen panels and glass panels at the same time, the track can be measured with a width of 18 inches.
  • Folding patio doors – Aside from the sliding door, this option also allows large entrance without affecting the arrangement of furniture much. The biggest advantage from this choice is the ability to maximize a huge opening from the corners. This works by hinging one panel to act as a traditional door.
  • Pivot Doors – These work like the hinged door scheme because it has the ability to swing in and out. A pivot door usually has pivot boxes and pivots that allow the weight of the entire doors to rest on the edge and transfer the stress towards the center. Through this design, a large opening can be possible from a single panel. This is also not advisable for those who want to achieve the purpose of screening. These options if quite more expensive than French doors or those sliding glass ones.

Author bio : Mark Farley is a home decorator who inspires designers and builders to create modern and functional homes with folding patio doors for better living style and condition. He continues to come up with ideas that will all work for a more comfortable life.

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