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Great Drill Press Selections for the house Wood Shop

Walter Meier Manufacturing produces a great type of tools underneath the Jet brand. They vary from affordable home tools to industrial production equipment. After searching into woodworking tools for any new shop, I came across Jet tools and it was surprised I had not been aware of them before – Walter Meier has been around business almost 75 years and also have a loyal following. Later in the following paragraphs I will be discussing Jet drill presses for that home shop. The Jet line is renowned for ruggedness, durability, and precision at moderate prices.

The correct selection of any wood working saw depends upon the kind of work you will be doing and also the space. If space is restricted you’ll most likely want to choose a bench top model as they possibly can be mounted to roll taken care of when they are not being used. Free-standing presses are usually heavier and extremely can not be mounted to ensure that they are both stable and movable. With respect to the work you are doing you might need a large swing (drilling range) and work table, otherwise a smaller sized swing can provide you with a smaller sized press. Hp can also be a key point. Usually the more the greater, but more effective machines are usually bigger. You may even be thinking about variable speed. Most drill presses permit you to pick from twelve approximately fixed speeds by altering which pulleys the belt is on. A flexible-speed drives enables you to definitely continuously vary speed simply by turning a knob.

Jet constitutes a dozen or even more types of drill presses with prices varying from the couple of hundred to many 1000 dollars, so I will be discussing just the most popular moderately-priced models here.

The Jet JPD-15M drill press is mid-sized and is easily the most popular model. It features a 15″ swing and it is created for bench top mounting. The motor is really a hefty ¾ horsepower, which model is renowned for its power, rigidity, and sturdiness. Nothing fancy, only a solid tool. The 15M has 16 belt-selectable speeds varying from 200 to three,600 revoltions per minute. Likely to extra-large 10 x 13″ work surface, which model features a 5/8″ chuck. The JPD-15MF is almost identical, with the exception that it’s free-standing (floor mount).

If you want something smaller sized, think about the Jet JPD-12. This model is really a 12″ bench top unit. The bottom is just 11.5 x 16.5 inches. But to obtain the smaller sized size you loose over half the ability – the JPD-12 is really a 1/3 HP press. However, you need to do obtain a couple of nice features. This model offers variable speed (530 – 3100 Revoltions per minute), but adjustment is mechanical. To choose the variable speed, there is also an electronic Revoltions per minute readout. The incorporated laser X drilling guide can also be a beautiful feature. I have frequently wanted this selection on my small current press free of charge-hands drilling. The job table is small, at 9.5 inches square, though there’s a retracting roller extension to assist support bigger work. This model also has a 5/8″ chuck, that is plenty big because of the horsepower.

The Jet JPD-17DX is really a 17″ free-standing press and an excellent choice provided you will find the space. Such as the 15M it features a hefty ¾ HP motor. This model is particularly meant for woodworking. It provides a spindle-mounted dual laser mix guide for precision positioning, plus there’s precision stops. This will make it simple to free-drill to consistent depths and spacings. The job table is great and enormous, at 14 x 18.” Such as the 15M, there’s 16 belt-altered speeds varying from 200 to 3620 Revoltions per minute and also the press features a 5/8″ chuck.

Other Jet models for home shops increase to twenty” swing and 1 horsepower. A couple of have true electronic variable-speed control. All of the Jet drill press models pointed out above get consistently good testimonials, typically noting their ruggedness and sturdiness in addition to their being rigid and accurate.

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