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Facts you need to know while buying an air conditioner

You might have been taught in the environmental sciences that air conditioners are responsible for global warming because they release the hazardous chloro-fluoro carbons (CFC) which are responsible for the depletion of the Ozone layer. The Ozone layer is like a thermal jacket for planet Earth. Without this, the planet will be very cold and thus it will be impossible for humans to survive.


All this theory sounds wonderful and inspiring in the classroom. But when it comes to real life, things are biased towards comfort. Humans are more inclined towards a comfortable life than worrying about the environment. So, in short, you need an air conditioner. But while buying one,there are several things that needs to be considered. It is not as simple as selecting a Voltas AC and straight away swiping a card to check out. We concentrate on some of the key aspects that might not make buying a window AC or setting up a centrally cooled system an uphill task for you.

Correct time to buy an Air Conditioner:

The most important thing while buying an Air Conditioner is the budget. No one wants to spend more than what they have reserved for the air conditioner. Air conditioners are in demand during the summers. So for obvious reasons the demand for theair conditioner is less in the winter. If you are a smart consumer, then this hint is sufficient enough. But let us not go by assumptions. Stocks pile up in the stores during the winters due to lack of demand. This is the correct time to strike the bar. Many vendors come up with various discount schemes to clear the old stock and make way for the newer stock. Thus, it becomes easier to buy air conditioners at affordable prices.

Energy saving:

Buying incorrect air conditioner can take a toll on your pocket. This is because air conditioners are not power friendly. They consume a lot of power and this result in higher electricity bills. It is obvious that no sane man wants to fill up the wallets of the electricity board with their hard earned money. To avoid this situation, it is better that you take a look at the power rating of the air conditioner and ask the vendor to help you if you feel that you are lost in the whole process of understanding the energy consumption and thus select the correct air conditioner with most energy stars on it.

Windows AC versus central cooling:

It is often considered economical to buy the window AC separately for each room rather than installing a central cooling system. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, it is cost effective and secondly, the central cooling system needs a thermostat with it to maintain the correct temperature. The cost of installation is higher in the central air conditioning systems.

Here we come to an end of air conditioning and some important aspects related to the same. Hope this stays in your mind when you step into a store to buy an air conditioner for your house.

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