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Everything You Need To Consider When Buying A Holiday Lodge

As millions of Brits are choosing to spend their holidays in the UK as opposed to going abroad, this has meant that staycations are steadily on the rise as highlighted in an article published in The Telegraph. This has resulted in holiday lodges becoming a popular means of enjoying your holiday without having to travel abroad.

There are lots of advantages to owning your own holiday lodge such as the opportunity to escape to beautiful, scenic locations where your luxuriously furnished park home is located. Having the chance to sub-let your holiday lodge whilst you won’t be using it is another great benefit of owning a holiday lodge.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what buying and owning a holiday home involves, here is some useful information to take into consideration.

Defining holiday lodges

When potentially looking to buy a holiday lodge, it’s important to have understood the difference between a park home and holiday lodge in order to ensure that you really are going for the right option.

Lodges, usually constructed using timber, are designed to be large, modern and generally open-plan homes. These homes which can only be occupied for up to ten or eleven months of the year with a holiday license means that the holiday lodge will act as your secondary address.


Whilst it may be possible to reside in a lodge permanently, this will only be permissible with a fully residential license. Park homes, on the other hand, which look similar in style to holiday lodges and which exist on parks alike those of holiday lodges, are designed to be lived in permanently and can, therefore, be named as one’s primary UK residence. To find out more about purchasing or selling a park home, head to Sell My Park Home.

So if your holiday lodge holds a holiday license, this will mean that you are only permitted to stay at the lodge for a maximum number of months throughout the year, therefore you need to make sure that you will be using the lodge for vacation purposes only.

In terms of council tax, as the lodge will not be your permanent form of residence, you should not have to worry about this as you would do if you were going to be using a park home as your main address.

Financing your holiday lodge

Another big consideration you’ll have to think about early on is how you are going to finance the holiday lodge.

You might have perhaps thought about taking out a mortgage, however, you must be aware that generally mortgages are not available for lodges, nor can they used for park homes.

Search Mortgage Solutions explain that although when buying a lodge you will take full ownership of the property itself, the land on which it’s situated will be leased from the park owner for a set period of time, which unfortunately means that one will not able to secure a mortgage against it.


Whilst taking out a mortgage isn’t going to be an option, there are other options which you could think about in order to finance your holiday lodge, part-exchanging another property being one of them.

Choosing the right park

When looking to purchase a holiday lodge, it’s worth bearing in mind the importance of choosing the right park. There are a number of checks that you might want to make to secure the right park.

As different parks will vary on what they will and won’t allow, it’s always best to draw up a list of questions to ask which Sell My Lodge has helpfully put together to assist those who might be considering buying holiday lodge.

For instance, it’s important to enquire as to what the annual ground rent entails. This includes costs such as maintenance for the park and rubbish collection, so it’s useful to find out what exactly this covers.

You might also want to find out whether or not you will be allowed to have guests at the lodge. Again this will depend on the particular park’s rules, as whilst the majority will allow friends or family to visit, the park might state a maximum length of stay for guests.

It would also be worth enquiring as to what leisure facilities are included on the park, such as sporting activities, which could be worth noting for families. Another good question to ask would be to do with any plans for future developments happening on the park which could influence your view of having your lodge situated on the park.



Holiday lodges really are a brilliant way of being able to experience and enjoy your vacation whilst staying within the UK. There is a lot to weigh up and consider when making such an important purchase, though hopefully, the above information will have helped to highlight some of the essential points worth looking into.

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