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Ceiling fans hacks to save energy and money

The ceiling fan is the most budget-friendly cooling option for the people all over India. It is not possible to bear with the sticky summers without the use of ceiling fans. With the increase in global warming in the last decade, the temperatures all over the world have been soaring high. This has forced the people to resort to the use of the air conditioners. But as summers kick in you must surely be worried about the high electricity bills too. It would not be surprising if we tell you that an air conditioner consumes around 3500 watts of energy which is almost 60 times of that consumed by a ceiling fan. From the above-stated fact, it is quite clear that even if you switch off your AC for half hour a day you can save a huge amount of energy.

Ceiling fans already use very less energy around 60 watts if they run at full speed the whole day. Over and above there are some more tactics that can help you save more energy while still using a ceiling fan. Read this post to know about those hacks which can increase your monetary savings by reducing the energy consumption of a ceiling fan.

  1. Adjust the direction of the fan such that the air rotates counter clockwise

Most ceiling fans have two settings in them – clockwise and counter clockwise. In summers you need more cooling, therefore, you should set the fan on counter clockwise rotation. There is a little button near the base of the fan through which you can adjust these settings. In summers when the air blows down directly below the fan, it creates a better cooling effect.

  1. Fan should run on low in winters

In winters we do not need much cooling. Mild cooling is sufficient to keep us happy and gay. Your fan’s settings should be such that it runs on low speed in the clockwise direction in winters. When the blades of a ceiling fan run in the clockwise direction they pull the warm air of the room in the centre and push it down along the edges. So you would not have the direct effect of cooling upon you if you are just below the fan.

  1. You should set the room temperature higher

In summers the thermostat of the ceiling fan should be set to higher temperatures. Also, you should run the fan throughout the day. The ceiling fan will circulate the air throughout the room properly and make you feel cooler than the room temperature. It will give you a mild breezy cooling effect.

  1. Switch off the fan when not in use

The basic idea of this post is to help you save energy and money. You should always remember to switch off the fan when not in use. This can save a huge amount of energy. Stopping the wastage is the key to saving energy. You should start it from your own homes and offices.

These simple hacks can be very useful for you when you are tensed because of the soaring utility bills in summers. You need not uninstall the air conditioners rather follow the above-mentioned tips and you’ll see great reductions in your electricity bills. Even ceiling fans can save loads of energy per month. You can also explore energy efficient fans in order to reduce the total power consumption. So, isn’t it better to make use of the ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioners?

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